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What We Do

Triari Consulting is a provider of IT architecture services. We provide a range of IT advisory and solutioning services, focused on the financial services sector and the payments processing segment in particular.  Our services encompass:

Payments system design
Payment hubs
Payment scheme integration
Solutions for cash and foreign currency fulfillment
Solutions for other payments related services (Fraud/AML, Excess/Debt Management, Treasury)

Our Approach

Our solutions are:

Pragmatic. Delivery is considered paramount and solutions are architected to be deliverable to timescales and budget.  Solutions are business driven with benefit delivered incrementally.  Alignment to target IT vision is typically achieved through phased roadmap planning.   
Collaborative.  The  commitment of all stakeholders to a solution is vital.  We work to a simple principle that the quality of a solution is enhanced through the number of stakeholders that contribute to it. Our solutioning process is inclusive, recognising the needs of many stakeholders, both business and technical.
Vendor Independent. We are not aligned to any product vendor or supplier. We work with clients' established business partners and build trusted relationships with all solution stakeholders.

We do not:

Evangelise. We do not enforce specific architectural paradigms or technologies.    Rather, we focus on the practical implications of a particular choice or paradigm or technology for an organisation. We account for an organisation's underlying attitude to technology adoption and provide advisory services that highlight the benefits/disbenefits of a particular technology choice.  Our solutions de-risk technology adoption through incremental, phased delivery. 

Use Prescriptive Methods. Every client and solution is considered unique.  Professional delivery methods are applied but these are always tailored to a particular engagement, reflecting their uniqueness.




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