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Payments Systems IT Advisory

Payments systems IT Advisory work is undertaken in the context of defined Triari Consulting models and frameworks for payments processing.  These provide a proven context for the problem analysis and solution specification.  The consulting approach and the models provide flexibility and allow for customisation, reflecting the uniqueness of the business environment within each client.

The Payments Systems IT Advisory Service Line includes:

Payment systems roadmap planning 
Development of a target state 'vision' for payments systems within the organisation 
Survey current payment applications landscape and technologies, determining system ‘hot spots’    
Development of a Roadmap for achieving target state, accounting short term wins and long term vision
Architecture simplification, addressing how payments systems processing and integration complexity can be reduced

Payment systems readiness reviews and impact assessments

For regulatory frameworks, compliance and industry driven initiatives. Recent examples include FATCA and Industry Switchers regulation. 
Payments systems planning for major banking business events
Assessment of alternative approaches to payments systems integration for mergers, acquisitions and divestments
Core banking replacements, assessing alternative payment system migration strategies

Payments Hub / Service Bus Design

Definition of the TOGAF Architectural Building Blocks required for payments processing
Allocation of responsibilities across participating components (Gateways/Payments Engines/Product Systems) using Wirfs-Brock CRC techniques
Definition of Reference Architecture frameworks for payments integration, comprising principles, architectural layers, patterns and usage scenarios

Payments Solution Design

Solution Architect delivery roles for payments systems and payments related solutions. 

Solution definition for UK and International payments schemes– BACS, UK Faster Payments (FPS), Clearings, Cards, CHAPS, Correspondent Banking (SWIFT), SEPA and PE-ACH.
Bank cash management and foreign currency solutions, including pseudo schemes derived from outsourced cash centres
Payments related solutions and systems integration – reconciliations, AML, sanctions, fraud, liquidity management, settlement risk exposure monitoring
Trade solutions, transactional banking and supply chain finance

General Architecture Services

In addition to payments systems architecture services, a number of general, domain neutral, architecture services are offered.

Estimating services and estimating reviews
Design assurance
Technology evaluation and selection
Systems readiness assessment and impact assessments 
Governance model
Delivery model evaluation and selection

Solution Architecture

Chief /Lead solution Architect for large scale programmes
Evaluation of solution options to inform key architectural decisions
Solution definition
IT architecture artifacts for all lifecycles phases of a delivery

Service Oriented Architecture

Functional capability and SOA capability roadmap planning
SOA technology evaluation
Organisational models for SOA Services Centres and Payments Factories
SOA patterns and anti-patterns

Technology selections

Evaluation of technology products for key solution components
Evaluation and scoring of competitor products
Specification of Proof of Concepts
Management of the technology procurement process, facilitation of vendor workshops
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