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Case Studies



"The Payments Hub Spectrum: A Model for the Design of Payments Hubs”, Pending publication in The Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems, 2010.


"Payment Hub Design (or How IT Helps Solve the Credit Crunch)",  Speaker at IET / BCS North West Regional Event, Manchester, UK, October 2010.


"SOA Anti-Patterns", speaker by invitation at the IBM SOA Summit, UK, 2009.

"Payment Services Hub",  IBM Chief Architects Workshop, Warwick, UK, 22 May 2009.

"SOA Anti-Patterns - When the SOA Paradigm Breaks"IBM DeveloperWorks, June 2009.


"Innovative Delivery Models Using SOA" IBM Technical Leadership Exchange, Florida, US, April, 2008.


"Combining Service Centric and Data Centric Approaches in Service Oriented Architecture",  IBM Technology Academy, Atlanta, US, Oct 2006.


“Application Integration at the UK Land Registry”Integration Workshop, London, UK, Aug 2006.


“Service Oriented Modeling & Architecture at the UK Land Registry”, IBM Chief Architects Workshop, Warwick, UK, 26 May 2006.


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